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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Believer

This verse is written with all my love and the message I've taken from God's word. Abundant in mercy that's fresh each day, He warns all His children to stay alert. The enemy comes to steal, to kill, and destroy, and he causes us to trust in his lies, his pleasures last only for a season, and eternity without God is the price. We must wait patiently for God alone to prepare our hearts to hear, while we wander the wilderness in a desolate way, in the shadow of His wing He keeps us near. Then out of the darkness we cry to God and He hears from His holy hill, we must give thanks for His work of deliverance, He calms the storm, now the waves are still. May the Good Lord answer in your day of trouble May the God of Jacob defend you May He grant according to your heart's desire, May your soul thirst always for the God who saved you. Jesus our savior paid for our sins for His love is exceedingly broad. He is ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and end, before the world was there was GOD.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Days Before Christmas

'Twas the days before Christmas and all over the town
Folks were hurrying and scurrying, wearing a frown.
They dashed through one shop and on to the next
And with each one they became more vexed.

The children made lists of toys seen on T.V.
Knowing each one would be under the tree.
Mom and Dad like puppets on a string
Went here and there 'till they had everything.

Then all of a sudden ' fore you could say santa claus
The reason for the season caused everyone to pause.
Moms and Dads and the children too,
Realized for others many things they could do.

They drew chairs ' round the table with such a clatter
All of one mind for this very important matter.
Away to the townsfolk their minds just flew,
Putting down names for toys,clothing,and food.

They knew many names to be put on the list
And called on friends so none would be missed.
With the love of Jesus overflowing their hearts,
They cried for the needy,their list was quite large.

They provided for the hungry,for many athrist,
Forgetting themselves,the needy came first.
The naked were clothed,visits made to the sick,
From many wrapped gifts each child had their pick.

' Twas the night before Christmas and all over the town,
Happy faces were beaming,not one wore a frown.
The spirit of giving had touched one and all,
For they'd seen the cross and they heard Jesus call.

Jesus Lives On

Oh so many years ago in a manger strewn with hay
God gave the world their savior,His birth we honor this day.
Born of a virgin,raised as a poor carpenter's son
Our Heavenly Father had given us Christ Jesus the sinless one.
The sky was filled with angels singing praises to His name
Christ the Lord our savior is born in Bethlehem.
Shepherds came from many fields into this little town
Telling the news to all they met,soon it was known for miles around.
A bright eastern star shown over the earth,
Leading three wise-men to the place of His birth.
They rejoiced and were glad as they worshipped Him,
Giving treasures of gold,myrrh,and frankincense.
Now there's not much known of His earlier years
But the world soon knew the Messiah was here.
He went about the land doing wondrous deeds,
Such as healing the sick,making the blind to see.
At about thirty and three and still in His prime
He was arrested and crucified having committed no crime.
God promised when kings were reigning He would send the Holy one
The man they nailed to the cross was His only begotten son.
But in just three days God raised Him from the dead
He had many followers, many disciples He led.
We were cleansed by His dying once and for all
Willingly He gave Himself to God,and not by law.
The priests that were worshipped for ever so long
Are dead and forgotten but our Jesus lives on.
He will come back to earth not to pay for our sins
But to gather God’s children, those waiting for Him.
When the trumpet sounds from Heaven above
We will shout Hallelujah!,if we are wrapped in His love.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unconditional Love

I now am old and my hair has turned grey
And I can no longer bend my knees to pray.
But though I can’t talk to Him in that position
God’s word declares He hears no matter my condition.
And I know He won’t forsake me when my strength is gone
For He’s the hope and refuge for those my age and beyond.
And even now as in the many years past
He knows my needs before I ask.
And for whatever time I have left on this earth
I want to tell others about the new birth.
I must tell them of Jesus who died for their sins
Then reach out with love and bring them to Him.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


God created man to know only the good,
The serpent deceived the woman as only he could.
The fruit looked good, it was pleasing to the eye,
Adam and Eve were betrayed by satan’s lies.
Our creator who loved us, and gave us the land,
Sent the Lamb of God to carry out His plan.
He came down to earth to bring us peace,
To tell us the only way Heaven is reached.
Jesus suffered, then died on the cross,
His deep love for us, the only cause.
Great drops of blood flowed from within,
Cleansing each of us of every sin.
We must trust in Him and live by faith,
Showing our love, giving Him praise.
There’s a great day coming, it’s drawing near,
The Lamb will part the clouds, the trumpet we’ll hear.
He’ll gather God’s children then be homeward bound,
We’ll stroll over Heaven on golden ground.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do You See

Do you see my weightless shoulders?
I gave Jesus those heavy boulders.

Now I have lightness in my walk
There’s also a difference in my talk.
On my face no streaming tears
I went to Jesus with all my fears.
Now I’m wearing smiles upon my face
His loving hand put them in place.
Can you feel the love I have to give?
I know without doubt our Jesus lives.
Now, deep in my heart I have a new goal
Living for Him with all my soul.
He had open arms when in sin I roamed
Jesus knew some day He wanted me home

Friday, March 30, 2007


When you first come awake a new day to begin
bow your heart to Jesus He paid for your sins.
Take a little time,a moment or two
from every hour He sees you through.
Show Him your love,your worship,your praise
for it's always the right time to seek His face.
He will guide and direct you throughout the day,
whatever you're doing,be it work or play.
Declare your trust in Him,be not afraid
holding fast to His hand,lest your spirit be swayed.
Seeking the Lord brings you every good thing,
you can go about your day as a child of the king.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I've never sensed such peace,never felt quite so serene
As when I wakened with the dawn to find Jesus there with me.
I watched Him lift the sun above the distant hills,
He lovingly woke the birds, and their praise with rhythm built.
He called each star by name,then told them all to rest,
Over the moon He pulled the shade,It had shown it's silvery best.
He softly whispered to the fields,He gently touched the trees,
And asked them oh so kindly to awaken with a breeze.
And as I watched and listened,my soul became entranced.
Cause the awakening I had witnessed,wasn't done by chance.
For all Of God's creation,who rely on His great name,
Jesus never touches anything,and leaves it quite the same.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I feel younger than I've felt in years
and the reason I will not hide,
I wear the yoke of Jesus
with His burdens oh so light.

He said"Come to me let me give you rest
and I will lift your heavy burdens
I love you and I will help you,
I'll be more than just a friend".

By the grace of God I heard Jesus call
and I traded my frown for a smile.
Now He's standing by His promise
helping me walk each troubled mile.

I feel younger than I've felt in years
since Jesus took me by His side,
And I give Him all the praise
for His yoke fits me just right.


In the eyes of the world I don't own much
But my life overflows with my savior's touch.
Jesus set me free on Calvary's cross
I'm free indeed,I'm no longer lost.
He's preparing a place meant just for me
In my Father's house I shall be received.
He found and saved me through His love and grace
Now He's preparing me for that Heavenly place.
So my riches aren't seen by worldly eyes
They're sheltered in my heart where Jesus resides.


In times of trouble when life seems a task
Jesus knows our needs before we ask.
He didn't bring us this far to let us down
So remember at His feet we will find level ground.
When the day is so joyful we'd like to shout
Thank the good Lord,He brought it about.
When all that we do turns out just right
Jesus was with us in all His might.
Let us not feel unworthy but rejoice instead
Not for what we've done,but for what Jesus did.
Let us walk not away,but draw closer to Him
For time is growing short,He's coming again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I knew there was a God I've always known that
But I didn't know I grieved Him or made Him sad.
I was living aimlessly,no real direction
The "things"of the world had my love and affection.
I wasn't happy,so my life became a chore
Till I reached out to Jesus,He offered me more.
I heard Him knocking and welcomed Him in
You see,He loved me before I loved Him.
I never knew the true meaning of love
Till I felt its warmth from the Lord above.
I know I was His even before my birth
For He formed me and placed me upon this earth.
God sent me on this journey,He knows the reason
He and only He knows for how many seasons.
No,I don't know His earthly plans for me
My hope is to go with Him into eternity.

Monday, March 19, 2007


There's never a mountain I've been able to climb
Without seeking the Lord, my one way sign.
When Jesus walks beside me on the path that I must keep
My steps become much lighter,no mountain is too steep.
When I let Him lead I never go wrong
For when I grow weak,He makes me strong.
The weary days pass swiftly,I take them all in stride,
For this dark world is brighter with Jesus by my side.
There's highways and byways but they're not mine
I'll walk and follow Jesus,He IS the one way sign.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I like to walk away from all my worldly cares
Go and seek my Jesus, joy or sorrow with Him share.
Somewhere in the shadows I find Him waiting for our talk
What joy I find within my soul each time I take that walk.

I'm so glad He doesn't sleep,so glad He never slumbers
For the blessings I've received I could never number.
It doesn't matter how big,nor does it matter how small
I take my cares to Jesus,He helps me handle one and all.

The light from His love puts sunshine in my soul
And I know my face reflects God's glory with a glow.
His Holiness lasts forever,His Mercy is fresh each day
So I walk and talk with Jesus,In His love I want to stay.

I walk and talk with Him,I call Him day or night
Though darkness may surround me,with Him there's always light.
I know that I'm forgiven, for my sins He did atone
And as long as I have Jesus I'll never walk alone.

Friday, March 16, 2007


All our needs come from one source
The supplier of all is God of course.
He's our storehouse of gifts they're free each one
He meets those needs through Jesus His son.
He gives us rain and the sunshine too
And pleasures unending in all that we view.
When darkness is falling,or so it seems,
He unveils the moon with its silvery beams.
When our hearts are laden, in need of real peace,
God meets that need,our burdens will ease.
He pours out His love,He showed what love is
On Calvary's cross Jesus proved this.
He supplies all our needs, every little bit,
He's been giving and giving,and He isn't done yet.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


When you trust in God through Jesus the son,
what you ask for in prayer,believe that it's done.
Where two or more gather in His holy name,
in their midst He will be,sharing joy,easing pain.
The spirit of God descends like a dove,
when you look to Jesus,His eyes wells of love.
He knows the future,the present,the past,
show Him your love,that's all He asks.
You will know the purpose,and His will for your life,
when you follow His word and in Him abide.
If you have the faith of a small mustard seed,
ask in His name,then believe to receive.

Monday, March 12, 2007


When your day looks long and dark
And from trials you cannot run
You're not alone you know
It happens to everyone.
You've an enemy of your soul
And he's running to and fro
He eagerly looks for an opening
To inflict a state of woe.
You can leave the path of darkness
For a lane that's brightly paved
Just get in step with Jesus
You'll have a light that never fades.
Then when you meet a crisis
And your needs to Him submit
He alone has the source
To take you over,around,or through it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I cried to Jesus when I had much sorrow
now I have Him for all my tomorrows.
He's satisfying my thirsty soul
He's also making my life whole.
What peace I find being out of darkness
He's leading me through each wilderness.
Now He's become my guiding light
and I feel His presence day and night.
Jesus is my morning star,
and with each step His strength I draw.
He lifted the darkness,forgave my sins,
I'll walk in His light,it never dims.


Who but God can set us free?
Jesus died for you and me.
Who but God could never sleep?
He's watching over all His sheep.

Who but God can know our needs?
Can we forget His wondrous deeds?
Who but God could give so much?
We can't forget when we've been touched.

Who but God can give new birth?
Ease our sorrows give us mirth
Who but God can give us rest,
Praise His name,we're blessed,we're blessed.


If in miracles you sometimes doubt
step to the window,and look about.
Waving green leaves for all to see
t'was God's touch,He made that tree.

If in miracles you don't believe
Who made you,and what about me?
That cuddly baby you love to squeeze?
t'was God's creation,He loves to please.

If miracles you still don't see
glance in the"BOOK' before Adam and Eve
It took just a week to create so much
t'was from God's hands,our makers touch.


If you want to know Jesus open His book
feel his love flow as a natural brook.
His word does lift us up so high
We know Jesus is ever nigh.
He gave us His name to call upon
He's always with us He's never gone.
He listens for our humble cry
He even hears our every sigh.
He keeps us safe from harms unknown
He promised we'd not walk alone.
Step slowly and bravely across this land
just keep a tight hold of His mighty hand.


Dear Jesus,
I want to thank you for my new birth
though many years I've been on this earth
I'm born again because long ago you paid for my sins
and your saving grace you do not lend.

You never once let go of my life
through all my storms,struggles,and strife.
You won my battle and satan lost
the day you died on that old cross.
You are so thoughtful,gentle,and kind.

and I know even then,you had me in mind.
You Knew the evil I would find on this land,
but it doesn't matter now,you've got me firmly by the hand.
Your love and protection is mine to keep
Lord remind me always,what I sow,I also shall reap.

Thank you Jesus
Love always,one of your loved ones.

P.S. My message for satan is short
and sweet,he's to take a good look
under my feet !

Saturday, March 10, 2007


There's no need to worry what good can it do?
Let's give our cares to Jesus,He tells us to.
Praise Him in prayer,praise Him in song,
For in our weakness,He makes us strong.
When we need Him He's there,He's always home,
With our Heavenly Father at the right of the throne.
Whether rich or poor,in this we're alike,
We depend upon God,He is our light


I felt the world had let me down
I'd gone in circles round and round.
From many tears my eyes were burned
I knew not how or where to turn.
Far from loved ones and so alone
the hope I had,had swiftly flown.
I battled with such great despair
I was down so far I didn't care.
I lived in darkness no ray of light
even death I did invite.
If help there was I had to doubt
there seemed to be no other way out.
Then from the darkness of my life
a loving voice said;"I am your light"
"Come unto me,I'll give you rest
wear my yoke upon your breast"***
There was no choice to make within
My heart had found the saving friend.
When troubles abound,above them I can't see,
that loving voice says,"Come unto me"
In the words of Jesus:Come and see.***

***Mathew 11:28

***John 1:39

Friday, March 9, 2007


I won't be missed if I don't go
Cause I don't serve an important role.
The pastor won't count or mark me absent
And I don't know of any special event.
So I think I'll stay home from church today,
I promise myself I'll go next Sunday.
I've not stayed away very often I know
But I won't be missed should I not go.
They surely won't miss my singing voice,
It's not very good,just a joyful noise.
On second thought,didn't God make this day
To gather with others,to rejoice and give praise?
And if I don't go I'll not hear His word,
Then I'll wonder all day what I would have heard.
I'll miss the sound of the church bells ringing,
The praises to the Lord,and the joyful singing.
Yes,I will be missed if I don't go,
Because being with God's people delights my soul.
And I'll be missed when I'm not in place,
For God is always there,He'll miss my face.
I can't stay away,to my soul I am liable,
I know this is so,it's in the Bible.
God made six days my pleasure to seek,
The very least I can give Him is one day a week.


Look to the good Shepherd to know Heaven's bliss
Do not tarry,ask to be His.
He became all sufficient when our lives He bought.

Let your soul cry "He is mine", you shall not want.
The word of God is our vast green pasture
Where our spirit must alight to know its rapture.
God made the seventh day and gave access
To lead us beside the still waters of rest.
When tempted and tried in this worldly place
He mends our spirit with restoring grace.
His leading is right and we need not quake
God's character and honor is His namesake.
We'll walk the dark valley,the good Shepherd by our side,
For the sting of death Jesus left where He died.
In the protecting grace of our Shepherd's rod
What comfort to know it's the hand of God.
While feeding from God's table our spiritual needs,
Amongst our foes He bids us feast.
The blessed oil of the spirit makes our faces shine,
He's keeping chosen branches close to the vine.
Whether our cup be of silver,gold,or tin,
Joys drink from its depth Christ put within.
We're followed by twin angels,Goodness and Mercy,
For our needs,our forgiveness,how great is His bounty.
Home is God's presence our dwelling place,
Loved and led to Him by His amazing GRACE.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


We can feast our eyes on the beauty of spring
Thanks be to God the creator of all things.
Each blade of grass, each daffodil
Would be lying dormant were it not His will
He provides the land with a fresh new start
What a show of loveliness is His work of art.
The new births of spring He does sustain
They're His creation,their beauty our gain.
We can liken our lives to a new spring day
If we start it with Jesus,and His word obey.


There's Heaven and a hell
The choice is ours where to dwell

In the place of eternal flame
Or the place that knows no pain.

There's a Heaven and a hell
In one or the other we shall dwell
In the place with gnashing of teeth
Or the place of no more grief.

There's a heaven and a hell
Neither meant for just a spell
Listen to satan be condemned,
Follow Jesus He will commend.

Yes,it's either Heaven or it's hell
Satan was an angel but he fell,
Now he's working to take us with him
But with Jesus the winner we'll ascend.


God speaks to our heart to let us know His will
Whether in a dark valley or high on a hill.
We see only in part what lies down the road
But His word will direct us at every crossroad.
Let us consider His knowledge and follow His plan
And leave every concern in His able hands.
Lord we don't always know your will or the reason
Help us hear as you speak your infinite wisdom.
When we're lost and in need on the path we must trod
Speak to our heart of your will Dear God.


I said a prayer for you today
It came from deep within.
I felt the presence of our Lord
While casting this care on Him.
I did not ask for riches
For I know your needs He's met.
I simply asked if He would touch
And heal you with His best.
I asked that He be with you
To reach out and take your hand
And lead you through this journey
For I know it is His plan.
I asked that friends and loved ones
Be near to share each day
To keep your hope set high
While lifting His name in praise.
I asked Him to renew your faith
And I know it won't be small
But it was for His loving care
I prayed for most of all.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The weapons we fight with are not of this world
We wear divine power in the armor of the Lord.
Through the righteousness of God we gain our sight
When brought out of darkness by the armor of light.
When plagued by wicked spirits our faith is a shield
To stop fiery arrows on all battlefields.
Against God's Holy word satan cannot stand
Nor the helmet of salvation,by the blood of the Lamb.
To be standing when it's over,put God's armor to the test
We have His approval to use it to the fullest.
To whisper the name of Jesus becomes a prayer
Reach out to Him,He will meet you there.


Our Lord commands us to love one another
And not make judgment upon our brother.
God made us all different,He knows that He did,
But He sees us inside,nothing is hid.
Let's speak gentle words,they bring health and life
While harsh words break hearts they bring about strife.
If we use our eyes to see as our Lord,
We'll not see our brother's specks,while ours has a board.
God's request of us are few,while ours of Him are many,
How greatly we must please Him when we live in harmony.
Together we can make it if we but obey and trust,
For Jesus is the conqueror,and He gave it all to us.

Sunday, March 4, 2007



At the end of the rainbow there is no pot of gold,
But much,much more than mere mind can behold.
When God sends the clouds to shower the land
Colored ribbons stretch out from His loving hands.
look toward Heaven heed the vivid bow,
It stands for a promise,God made it to Noah.
He will never by flood destroy mankind,
God sealed that promise,the bow is His sign.


Lord I love to tell the story of how I first became aware
Of your love and how you showed me you really,truly care.
I thought I had control,could hold my own position
Till I came against a force for which I had no ammunition.
I struggled in this battle,not knowing how to score

Poison darts were thrown against me,I was in an awful war.
I was shoved and I was battered,In fact I thought I'd lost
I didn't understand,and I didn't know the cause.
Then Lord you sent your angels,they said you heard my cry
They told me that you loved me,that you were on my side
They said you allowed the battle,you knew who the victor would be
For long ago you'd won it on a place called Calvary.
I sing your praises Jesus,my Savior,Shepherd,and Lord
Your words are carried in my heart,now they've become my sword.
No I've never fed a multitude,with five little loaves and fish
But I surely know you have.and through faith you grant a wish.
Lord cross my path with others,please help me share this story
How you rescued me with love,why I give you praise and glory
I've climbed up several mountains,won battles quite a few,
But there's many more ahead and I'll win them all through you.


To save our souls from death and inferno
Jesus suffered for our lives eternal.
Now the good news I'll tell to others
of His great love and all it covers.
I'll tell it to those I know,even those I don't
some will listen while others won't.
I know in my heart I've been reborn
and I don't mind the worldly scorn.
For Jesus said"If you're ashamed of me",
then surely,"I'll be ashamed of thee".
So when on my knees I bow to pray,
blessed be my Lord, He doesn't turn away.

Friday, March 2, 2007


We are on God's land,to Him we're so dear
take it all in,be of good cheer.
God made the seas,He formed the land,
there is no other with the power of His hands.
The waves He made clap their hands with glee,
and we feel the whisper of the gentle breeze.
the trees in the forest rustle their leaves with praise,
While the birds sing sweetly for us each day.
The mountains burst into color at His soft touch,
hillsides blossom with joy,the stars sprinkle their dust.
The pastures,the slopes,are a carpet of green,
from the hills and valleys flow fresh cooling streams.
God put so much beauty upon this,His earth,
let's give Him the glory He so richly deserves.


I like the morning hour
So with the sun I rise
Where I can see God's wonders
And know that He is nigh.

The world looks so unsoiled
just before it's fully light
In the early morning hour
Before it comes to life.

All creatures large and small
Know they have it to themselves
In the early morning hour
On the mountain or in the dell.

I hear the twitter of the birds
And see the flutter of the leaves
One by one the stars blink out
As I watch the sun rise in the east.

It's here I start my day
With the dawn so pure and clear
In the early morning hour
Where I know my God is near.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


"The earth is the Lord's
And the fullness thereof"**
Created to perfection
By hands filled with love.

Those that dwell therein
Who seek His Holy face
Lift pure hearts,Honest hands
Receiving goodness,richness of grace.

Heaven's just around the corner
Keep walking,praying,believing
As the signs of His coming abound
Keep watching and observing.

Let the King of glory enter
May your life shine as the sun
Upon the holder of the best,
The best that's yet to come.

Psalm 24:1 **


When directed down paths you fear with dread
Don't look where you've been,look straight ahead.
Call upon Jesus ask Him to lead the way,
He loves you,He holds you,he will carry the weight.
This world is a wilderness we must travel through
Our Lord knows about it,He's been through it too.
When you feel you're laden with too much to bear,
He will love you,He will hold you,His word declares.
No frail human being has the power and strength
As did our Lord Jesus when He went the great length.
He took it all on Himself,He signed an everlasting lease
To love you,to keep you,to bless you with peace.


I greet God every morning
As I thank Him for the night
And I seek His guidance for the day
Knowing He will lead me right.

I live the day as it's given
my thoughts not on tomorrow
I trust in all God's promises
And tomorrow's problems never borrow.

I have the need to call on Him
Many times throughout the day
But He never fails to answer
And He lovingly leads the way.

Each day in life is different
But I don't face them on my own
Jesus said He would not leave me
For I am His,I'm not alone.

When evening light has faded
And I've tried to do my best
I thank God for the day
Knowing He will give me rest.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


When it seems the rain might never stop
and the sun stays hid from view,
Do you suppose what's really falling
are God's tears for me and you?
As we falter and fail in our weakness
we greatly grieve our Lord
So let's give Him praise and glory,
for each teardrop He sends forth.
When He parts the clouds for all to see
and shines the sun on the good and bad,
Then we know that we're forgiven
with open arms He welcomes us back.
God has no limit to what He can do
and His love is a circle without end.
But we must lean upon His promises,
that can't be broken by standing on them.


Dear Lord watch over my loved ones each day
guide each step,show them the way.
Lord take each care no matter how small.
show them your love covers one and all.
When they grow weary,their soul in despair,
help them Lord,for I know that you care.
If I had my way I'd turn them toward you,
Lord help me to show them your word is true.
Teach them oh Lord how satan comes to steal.
show them Lord that you came to heal.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Give me a small church on a quiet country road
nestled among trees by a field thats been sowed.
let it have as its preacher a God fearing man
Who reads from the Bible and tells me God's plan.

Give me a small church that holds just a few
where plain wooden benches serve as the pews.
Let the preacher speak out and not a word hide
in fear of hurting or wounding my pride.

Give me a small church with a bell and steeple
where I can walk in and greet God's people.
Give me a small church with plain windows and doors
one that embraces whether rich or poor.
Let all who enter love Jesus our Lord
He will take us to Heaven if we're in one accord


I'm not in church to see what you wear
I'm here to praise the Lord.
And I did't come to see who's here
I came to praise the Lord.
I'm not in church for the scores of a game
I'm here to praise the lord.
And I'm not here because you came
I'm here to praise the lord.
I didn't come to take head-count
I came to praise the Lord
And I'm not here the preacher to denouce
I'm here to praise the Lord.
I'm not in church for companionship
I'm here to praise the Lord.
But I am in church for fellowship
In worshiping together and praising our Lord.


If our days were filled sunshine
All our nights alight with stars
Would we seek that fairer land
Where we'd never see the dark ?

If all we ever hoped for
Could be gained with just a wish,
Would we always be contented
Or find that something was amiss?

If we were free from pain and sickness
Throughout our stay upon this land
Would we know our soul was perishing
And reach toward that saving hand?

If we never had to shed a tear
Or have a heartache cause us pain
Would we glide right through this life,
Never knowing there was more to gain?

Is that all we want,sunshine and stars?
That does sound perfect for this land.
But we're told in God's word there's more,
And He's holding it in the palm of His hand.

So let's be ever thankful to our loving God
Who lets us have trials we don't understand.
For He knows if our days were perfect
We'd never reach out for His loving hand.


With each new day before me
Help me find someone in need
Let me reach a helping hand
Then Lord you take the lead.

You know what I can give
Or the burden I can share
So please make me a blessing
Let me show someone I care
This supply of love you gave me
When you filled my very soul
Just overflows my being
When I care and don't withhold.
So Lord please fill my day
Let me help someone in need
As I lift these willing hands
Then Lord you take the lead.


Sometimes I'm lonely but I'm never alone
I talk to my Lord,He's still on the throne.
Even though I can't see Him with my eyes
I know His loving presence is by my side.
Jesus understands what loneliness can be
He felt it Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Though a crowd surrounded Him there on the cross
It wasn't in fellowship,but to mock and scoff.
Now that long ago day has put me in the place
Of living in His presence under Mercy and Grace.
On the sea of life God is the buoy
Through loneliness,laughter,tears,and joy.
What did I do to receive this and more?
I know I did nothing,It's the love of the Lord.
And the more I read His written pages
The better I'll get to know the ROCK OF AGES

Sunday, February 25, 2007


God helps those who helps themselves
It is not in the Bible,it's not a verse.

God helps those who can't help themselves
So the good news is,it's quite the reverse.
Born wretched and poor,blind and naked
Without divine help we will not make it.
A go-it-alone attitude might be your stand
But God can not fill those tightly closed hands.
Jesus is knocking,won't you please let him in?
When we were uttlerly helpless He paid for our sins.
He is the way,the truth,and the life
There is no way to God But through Jesus Christ


The fool despises and scorns God's wisdom
he's right in his eyes so he won't listen.
The fool makes a mockery of sin which is death
his conscience is withered,there's nothing left.
The fool shouts in anger,he spills his mind
his words once released,cause harm,they malign.
The fool loves mischief,to him it's great fun
he thinks nought of the person to whom it was done.
The fool uses his mouth to curse and profane
he builds himself up,on others lays blame.
The fool trusts his thinking,his own insight
he can't be corrected,he knows he's right.
The fool is so blind,he lives in the dark
he must on this world make his mark.
The fool says in his heart,"There is no God"
but he will wish one day God's word he had sought.


When I first met Jesus at the altar
God's boundless love to receive
I was blessed with a joyful spirit
And my burdens He did relieve.

As I asked Him into my life
My heart swelled with jubilation
To be assured of His grace and love
I could weather all tribulation.

As I recall those first new feelings
And I think how He's directed my way
To renew my strength and give God praise
I dwell at the altar each day.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Suppose you were arrested for being a Christian
Would evidence be against you,enough for conviction?
Do you follow God's word, all His commandments?
Surrendered your life unto His providence?
Have you accepeted Jesus Christ His only begotten Son?
Been telling others your life has begun?
Does your heart cry out to glorify His name?
Always ready to witness without pride or shame?
Do you bow on your knees in prayer for others?
Forgetting about self,showing care for your brothers?
Do you give to God's work in tithes and time?
Tell how He's blessed you,that His word is divine?
Do you admit your life was empty till Jesus came in?
And thank Him each day for redeeming your sins?
When you're born again Christ lives in your heart,
Let the world convict you, from Him do not part.
If this little verse tells your soul to plead guilty,
Look forward to Heaven where you'll spend eternity.


We all like sheep have gone astray,
We have turned each one to his own way**
But God so loved His divine creation,
He gave His son Jesus for the worlds salvation
As great drops of blood flowed down His face
He lovingly delivered God's saving grace.
Doing the will of His Father He gave His all,
The priceless blood shed was an altar call.
He bore all our sins in that bitter cup,
But just as He said,God raised Him up.
It can't be measured,the room at the cross,
It's an endless ark to all who are lost.
While many do believe on the Son of God,
Still others choose to believe Him not.
The Savior's invitation still stands today,
Jesus is asking you to come,the price is paid.

*ISAIAH 53:6