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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Days Before Christmas

'Twas the days before Christmas and all over the town
Folks were hurrying and scurrying, wearing a frown.
They dashed through one shop and on to the next
And with each one they became more vexed.

The children made lists of toys seen on T.V.
Knowing each one would be under the tree.
Mom and Dad like puppets on a string
Went here and there 'till they had everything.

Then all of a sudden ' fore you could say santa claus
The reason for the season caused everyone to pause.
Moms and Dads and the children too,
Realized for others many things they could do.

They drew chairs ' round the table with such a clatter
All of one mind for this very important matter.
Away to the townsfolk their minds just flew,
Putting down names for toys,clothing,and food.

They knew many names to be put on the list
And called on friends so none would be missed.
With the love of Jesus overflowing their hearts,
They cried for the needy,their list was quite large.

They provided for the hungry,for many athrist,
Forgetting themselves,the needy came first.
The naked were clothed,visits made to the sick,
From many wrapped gifts each child had their pick.

' Twas the night before Christmas and all over the town,
Happy faces were beaming,not one wore a frown.
The spirit of giving had touched one and all,
For they'd seen the cross and they heard Jesus call.

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