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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Believer

This verse is written with all my love and the message I've taken from God's word. Abundant in mercy that's fresh each day, He warns all His children to stay alert. The enemy comes to steal, to kill, and destroy, and he causes us to trust in his lies, his pleasures last only for a season, and eternity without God is the price. We must wait patiently for God alone to prepare our hearts to hear, while we wander the wilderness in a desolate way, in the shadow of His wing He keeps us near. Then out of the darkness we cry to God and He hears from His holy hill, we must give thanks for His work of deliverance, He calms the storm, now the waves are still. May the Good Lord answer in your day of trouble May the God of Jacob defend you May He grant according to your heart's desire, May your soul thirst always for the God who saved you. Jesus our savior paid for our sins for His love is exceedingly broad. He is ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and end, before the world was there was GOD.

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