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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jesus Lives On

Oh so many years ago in a manger strewn with hay
God gave the world their savior,His birth we honor this day.
Born of a virgin,raised as a poor carpenter's son
Our Heavenly Father had given us Christ Jesus the sinless one.
The sky was filled with angels singing praises to His name
Christ the Lord our savior is born in Bethlehem.
Shepherds came from many fields into this little town
Telling the news to all they met,soon it was known for miles around.
A bright eastern star shown over the earth,
Leading three wise-men to the place of His birth.
They rejoiced and were glad as they worshipped Him,
Giving treasures of gold,myrrh,and frankincense.
Now there's not much known of His earlier years
But the world soon knew the Messiah was here.
He went about the land doing wondrous deeds,
Such as healing the sick,making the blind to see.
At about thirty and three and still in His prime
He was arrested and crucified having committed no crime.
God promised when kings were reigning He would send the Holy one
The man they nailed to the cross was His only begotten son.
But in just three days God raised Him from the dead
He had many followers, many disciples He led.
We were cleansed by His dying once and for all
Willingly He gave Himself to God,and not by law.
The priests that were worshipped for ever so long
Are dead and forgotten but our Jesus lives on.
He will come back to earth not to pay for our sins
But to gather God’s children, those waiting for Him.
When the trumpet sounds from Heaven above
We will shout Hallelujah!,if we are wrapped in His love.

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