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Saturday, March 10, 2007


I felt the world had let me down
I'd gone in circles round and round.
From many tears my eyes were burned
I knew not how or where to turn.
Far from loved ones and so alone
the hope I had,had swiftly flown.
I battled with such great despair
I was down so far I didn't care.
I lived in darkness no ray of light
even death I did invite.
If help there was I had to doubt
there seemed to be no other way out.
Then from the darkness of my life
a loving voice said;"I am your light"
"Come unto me,I'll give you rest
wear my yoke upon your breast"***
There was no choice to make within
My heart had found the saving friend.
When troubles abound,above them I can't see,
that loving voice says,"Come unto me"
In the words of Jesus:Come and see.***

***Mathew 11:28

***John 1:39

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