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Friday, March 9, 2007


I won't be missed if I don't go
Cause I don't serve an important role.
The pastor won't count or mark me absent
And I don't know of any special event.
So I think I'll stay home from church today,
I promise myself I'll go next Sunday.
I've not stayed away very often I know
But I won't be missed should I not go.
They surely won't miss my singing voice,
It's not very good,just a joyful noise.
On second thought,didn't God make this day
To gather with others,to rejoice and give praise?
And if I don't go I'll not hear His word,
Then I'll wonder all day what I would have heard.
I'll miss the sound of the church bells ringing,
The praises to the Lord,and the joyful singing.
Yes,I will be missed if I don't go,
Because being with God's people delights my soul.
And I'll be missed when I'm not in place,
For God is always there,He'll miss my face.
I can't stay away,to my soul I am liable,
I know this is so,it's in the Bible.
God made six days my pleasure to seek,
The very least I can give Him is one day a week.

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