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Friday, March 9, 2007


Look to the good Shepherd to know Heaven's bliss
Do not tarry,ask to be His.
He became all sufficient when our lives He bought.

Let your soul cry "He is mine", you shall not want.
The word of God is our vast green pasture
Where our spirit must alight to know its rapture.
God made the seventh day and gave access
To lead us beside the still waters of rest.
When tempted and tried in this worldly place
He mends our spirit with restoring grace.
His leading is right and we need not quake
God's character and honor is His namesake.
We'll walk the dark valley,the good Shepherd by our side,
For the sting of death Jesus left where He died.
In the protecting grace of our Shepherd's rod
What comfort to know it's the hand of God.
While feeding from God's table our spiritual needs,
Amongst our foes He bids us feast.
The blessed oil of the spirit makes our faces shine,
He's keeping chosen branches close to the vine.
Whether our cup be of silver,gold,or tin,
Joys drink from its depth Christ put within.
We're followed by twin angels,Goodness and Mercy,
For our needs,our forgiveness,how great is His bounty.
Home is God's presence our dwelling place,
Loved and led to Him by His amazing GRACE.

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