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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I knew there was a God I've always known that
But I didn't know I grieved Him or made Him sad.
I was living aimlessly,no real direction
The "things"of the world had my love and affection.
I wasn't happy,so my life became a chore
Till I reached out to Jesus,He offered me more.
I heard Him knocking and welcomed Him in
You see,He loved me before I loved Him.
I never knew the true meaning of love
Till I felt its warmth from the Lord above.
I know I was His even before my birth
For He formed me and placed me upon this earth.
God sent me on this journey,He knows the reason
He and only He knows for how many seasons.
No,I don't know His earthly plans for me
My hope is to go with Him into eternity.

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