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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Dear Jesus,
I want to thank you for my new birth
though many years I've been on this earth
I'm born again because long ago you paid for my sins
and your saving grace you do not lend.

You never once let go of my life
through all my storms,struggles,and strife.
You won my battle and satan lost
the day you died on that old cross.
You are so thoughtful,gentle,and kind.

and I know even then,you had me in mind.
You Knew the evil I would find on this land,
but it doesn't matter now,you've got me firmly by the hand.
Your love and protection is mine to keep
Lord remind me always,what I sow,I also shall reap.

Thank you Jesus
Love always,one of your loved ones.

P.S. My message for satan is short
and sweet,he's to take a good look
under my feet !

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