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Sunday, April 29, 2007


God created man to know only the good,
The serpent deceived the woman as only he could.
The fruit looked good, it was pleasing to the eye,
Adam and Eve were betrayed by satan’s lies.
Our creator who loved us, and gave us the land,
Sent the Lamb of God to carry out His plan.
He came down to earth to bring us peace,
To tell us the only way Heaven is reached.
Jesus suffered, then died on the cross,
His deep love for us, the only cause.
Great drops of blood flowed from within,
Cleansing each of us of every sin.
We must trust in Him and live by faith,
Showing our love, giving Him praise.
There’s a great day coming, it’s drawing near,
The Lamb will part the clouds, the trumpet we’ll hear.
He’ll gather God’s children then be homeward bound,
We’ll stroll over Heaven on golden ground.

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